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Hot Stone Massages - How To Give Yourself A Treat

The stone massage is a traditional alternative massage therapy and bodywork. It is comprised of the placement of some cold or heated stones on the human body for the purpose of relaxation and pain relief as well as to aid in therapy. Stone massage has been practiced for thousands of years in Eastern…

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Reflexology for Your Health: The Benefits

Reflexology, also known as foot reflexology, is an alternative therapy which involves applying pressure gently to different points on the hands and feet. This is typically performed without the use of lotion or oil. Some people who are practicing reflexology believe that oil can enhance the massage'…

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Massage Therapies We take a look at Four Types of Massage Techniques

Shiatsu is an alternative form of Japanese bodywork that is based upon concepts that originate from traditional Chinese medicine , including the use of Chi meridians. The practice was first popularized in late twentieth century by Tokujiro Namikoshi, shiatsu gets its healing power from traditional J…

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Can Reflexology treat illness?

Reflexology, sometimes called reflex meditation, is alternative medical treatment that involves the application of gentle pressure on certain points on the hands and feet. Most often, it is done using a thumb or finger and some hand massage techniques without the use of oil or lotion. Although it's …

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